Aircraft  Advertising Formats and Rates

SUBMIT AN AIRCRAFT ADVERTISEMENT Aircraft Advertisements and Features

Sixty (60) Day Rates

All Piston Powered Aircraft All Turbine Powered Aircraft All Jet Aircraft

Regular Advertisement:

Includes aircraft and equipment specifics. Regular advertisements can contain the following:

  1. Make, Model and Year of Aircraft

  2. Aircraft Registration Number and Serial Number

  3. Aircraft Total Time

  4. Aircraft Asking Price

  5. Last Annual Inspection Completed

  6. Aircraft Total Landings (if appropriate)

  7. Engine(s) Time(s) Since Major Overhaul

  8. Engine(s) Time(s) Since Top Overhaul

  9. Propeller(s) Time(s) Since Overhaul

  10. Engine(s) Time(s) Since Hot Inspection(s)

  11. APU Time

  12. Avionics Equipment

  13. Aircraft Exterior Color(s) and Trim

  14. Aircraft Interior Color/Appointments

  15. Unique Advertisement File

  16. Hit Counter

  17. Contact Information (can include e-mail address)

Regular Advertisement Sample








Photo Enhanced:

Includes all the features contained in the regular advertisement plus the following enhancement/additions:

  1. Optional Equipment and Accessories

  2. Notes of Interest (an additional area for descriptions/selling points)

  3. Aircraft Photos (feature up to six)

  4. Aircraft Gallery and Aircraft Highlights Area (customize from three color choices)

Yellow Gallery and Highlights Area Sample
Green Gallery and Highlights Area Sample
Blue Gallery and Highlights Area Sample





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