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Mooney M20J(201)
Serial# 24-1438

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Summary Data
Total Time = 1,500 hrs
Total Time SMOH =1,500 hrs
Total Time SPOH = 1,500 hrs
Last Annual Inspection: July, 1999
Asking Price = $125,000
Aircraft Location = Michigan
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Avionics Equipment  >
  • King KMA24 Audio Panel
  • King KI206 CDI
  • King KFC 200 AP/FD With KCS 55A System
  • King KY 197 Comm
  • King KX165 Nav/Comm with G/S
  • King KR87 ADF
  • King KT 76A Transponder
  • King KNS80 RNAV with G/S
  • King 227 - 01 Slaved ADF Card
  • Weatherscout I - Color Radar
  • II Morrow 612C Loran
  • NAT AA08-01 Intercom
  • Additional Item - Thirteen
  • Additional Item - Fourteen

Exterior Colors/Scheme >
  • Base Color: Ethereal Blue
  • Top and Bottom Stripe: Atlantic Blue
  • Middle Stripe: Toreador Red
  • Original Paint - Excellent Condition
  • Optional Color - Five
  • Optional Color - Six


Interior Colors/Scheme >
  • Fabric with Leather Trim
  • Trim: Blue Leather
  • Insert: Pewter
  • Carpet: Steel
  • Original Interior in Excellent Condition
  • Option Color - Six

Optional Accessories and
  • Garmin GPS 195 - Hard Mounted Onto The Yoke
  • EGT-4 Probe
  • Autopilot  Selectable Between Navs and Loran
  • Entertainment Center
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Rudder Pedal Extensions
  • Vertical Adjustment of Pilot Seat
  • Oil Pan E-Z Heat System


  • 100T Microphone
  • Hoskins Fuel Flow Meter
  • Optional Accessories - Eleven
  • Optional Accessories - Twelve

Notes of Interest >
  • Well maintained aircraft in excellent condition. This aircraft has been pampered for it's entire life. Always hangered (for some of the aircrafts time - a heated hanger). If you are looking for a mid 80's M20J, this is the one to own. Professionally Washed and Waxed Yearly. Easy and fun to fly, with a great compliment of avionics and accessories. Fast (160 knots) and economical. A great cross-country machine...    (up to 725 characters long)

Contact and Additional Ad Information >
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John Smith
Phone: 1-810-123-4567
Fax: 1-810-234-5678
Pager: 1-810-345-6789
Cellular: 1-810-456-17890

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